A New Kind of Genome Editing Is Here to Fine-Tune DNA | June 6, 2022
Instead of deleting genes, epigenetic editing modulates their activity. A new paper tests if it’s able to undo a genetic effect of early alcohol exposure.

Australia Moves Ahead Cautiously With '3-Parent IVF' | April 29, 2022
The nation follows the UK in permitting mitochondrial donation, which aims to prevent the transmission of rare but often fatal conditions.

The First Drug-Releasing Contact Lens Is Here | March 30, 2022
The FDA has approved daily disposables that release anti-allergy medication. Experts hope lenses could one day help treat cataracts and glaucoma.

A Rape Survivor Gave Police Her DNA. They Linked Her to Another Crime | Feb. 24, 2022
A controversial California case has raised questions about police use of DNA databases and the need for better genetic privacy laws.

Could CRISPR Flip the Switch on Insects' Resistance to Pesticides? | Feb. 2, 2022

Many insects, like the mosquitoes that spread malaria, have evolved a tolerance to chemical sprays. What if we could reboot their genes?

States Are Toughening Up Privacy Laws for At-Home DNA Tests | Oct. 21, 2021
California’s SB 41 is the latest to tighten regulations on the sensitive data collected by companies like 23andMe or Ancestry.

Neurograins’ Could be the Next Brain-Computer Interfaces | Sept. 13, 2021
Dozens of microchips scattered over the cortical surface might allow researchers to listen in on thousands of neurons at the same time.