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Pioneering research builds on groundwork laid in Pittsburgh.

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Dozens of microchips scattered over the cortical surface might allow researchers to listen in on thousands of neurons at the same time.

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Scientists are readying human trials of a nasal spray that might prove more effective than a shot in the arm.

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Large, expensive efforts to map the brain started a decade ago but have largely fallen short. It’s a good reminder of just how complex this organ is.

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A drug made from repurposed medicines may help individuals with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

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Researchers find that people who only suffered mild infections can be plagued with life-altering and sometimes debilitating cognitive deficits.

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As the Delta variant likely drives more cases of Covid-19 in vaccinated individuals, experts weigh in with helpful information.

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Doctors at the University of Minnesota have so far treated two patients with the approach.

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A pan-coronavirus vaccine could be “one vaccine to rule them all,” and so far it has shown strong results in mice, hamsters, monkeys, horses and even sharks.

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An antiviral pill may be crucial to ending the pandemic. 

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Orchid is offering polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia, diabetes, even cancer.  But is the consumer test for couples and their future children ahead of the science?

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T-cell vaccines involve a different kind of immune response.

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Scientists are working on a ‘universal’ vaccine that could protect against a broad range of coronaviruses.

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She’s the first endangered North American species to be cloned.

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The incident raises questions about how much control people have over their genetic data.

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Companies are developing embryo selection algorithms aimed at boosting the success of IVF.

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Research in mice shows promise for treating progeria, a disease that causes rapid aging and early death.

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