Coronavirus Coverage

Experts Answer Eight Key Questions About Covid-19 Vaccine Reactions | Smithsonian Magazine | April 20, 2021
Medical professionals weigh in on why some individuals have different responses to the shots and offer advice on what to expect.

A Nasal Spray Vaccine Could Be Key to Stopping the Spread of Covid-19 | Medium Coronavirus Blog | March 19, 2021
It would provide a first-line defense against the virus.

Covid-19 Variants Could Make Antibody Drugs Less Effective | Medium Coronavirus Blog | March 15, 2021 
One company is trying to get ahead of the mutating virus.

An Antiviral ‘Covid-19 Pill’ Shows Promise for Treating Infection | Medium Coronavirus Blog | March 11, 2021 
Everything you need to know about the experimental drug molnupiravir.

How to Make a Variant-Proof Vaccine | Medium Coronavirus Blog | March 1, 2021
T-cell vaccines involve a different kind of immune response.

The Search for One Vaccine to Rule Them All | Future Human | Feb. 22, 2021

Scientists are working on a ‘universal’ vaccine that could protect against a broad range of coronaviruses.

No, Covid-19 Vaccines Won’t Change Your DNA | Medium Coronavirus Blog | Jan. 8, 2021
Here’s how they actually work.

Your Genes May Determine Your Covid-19 RiskElemental | Nov. 10, 2020
What scientists are learning could make a difference in treatment.

Vaccine Tech 30 Years in the Making Is Getting Put to the Ultimate Test | Future Human | Aug. 21, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic could change the way we make vaccines. 

How — and When — We’ll Know If a Covid-19 Vaccine Is Working | Medium Coronavirus Blog | Aug. 13, 2020
Here's how Phase 3 trials work.

What Miniature Lab-Grown Brains Reveal About the Effects of Covid-19 | OneZero | July 13, 2020
Organoids are helping scientists study the coronavirus.

Amazon Is Really Interested in the Blood of Covid-19 Patients | OneZero | June 4, 2020

The company is backing scientific efforts that could make its warehouses safer.

How to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine to Everyone | OneZero | May 26, 2020

Developing the vaccine is only the first step.

The Race Is on to Find the Holy Grail of Covid-19 Antibodies | OneZero | May 14, 2020

Lab-made antibodies could be out best hope against the pandemic — and future ones.

'Immunity Passports' Could Create a New Category of Privilege | OneZero | April 23, 2020

Proof of a prior infection could come with more freedom.

An Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Is Already Being Tested on People | OneZero | March 24, 2020

But it still won't be widely available for at least a year.

Scientists Have Recreated the Coronavirus in a Lab | OneZero | March 5, 2020

A synthetic virus could help develop drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tests but could also be used as a bioweapon.