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We're already designing babies

Expanded genetic testing of embryos represents a new era of family planning. But how far should the technology go?

Illustration: Erik Carter for Medium

What's in a brain?
Post-mortem brains could reveal the roots of psychiatric disorders.
23andMe and kids
Should you get your underage child a DNA test?
AI could boost IVF success
Machine learning might be able to pick the best embryos for IVF.
Self-experimentation ethics
Do you need permission to study yourself?
Preserving fertility
Ovarian tissue freezing is considered experimental. Maybe it shouldn't be.
Editing out sickle cell
Long underserved, sickle cell patients see hope in CRISPR.
Using AI to spot Alzheimer's
Earlier diagnosis could help researchers developing drugs.
The three-parent baby doctor
Meet the fertility doctor trying to sell a controversial IVF technique.
Families driving cures
Determined parents are moving the needle on gene therapy.
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