What miniature lab-grown brains reveal about the effects of Covid-19

The search for Covid-19 antibodies
Antibody drugs could be the holy grail of treatments.
Unintended edits
CRISPR wreaked havoc in human embryos.
Amazon wants a Covid-19 cure
It's backing a clinical trial and developing testing capabilities.
Your DNA could crack a cold case
Genetic genealogy is a powerful new police tool.
A brain implant for blindness
The device is creating artificial vision for a handful of patients.
The $1 million anti-aging therapy
A dubious pay-to-play trial aims to reverse the aging process.
Radiation-proof CRISPR soldiers
DARPA has an ambitious plan to prevent radiation poisoning.
CRISPR diagnostics
The gene-editing tool could allow cheap, at-home testing.
What's in a brain?
Post-mortem brains could reveal the roots of psychiatric disorders.
23andMe and kids
Should you get your underage child a DNA test?
The three-parent baby doctor
Meet the fertility doctor trying to sell a controversial IVF technique.
Families driving cures
Determined parents are moving the needle on gene therapy.
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